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Door Step Refillery

Iron & Velvet Oven Cleaner Sachet

Iron & Velvet Oven Cleaner Sachet

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Fragrance Free.....An oven cleaner product that leaves no chemical smell


We have created an oven cleaner product that doesn’t leave that potent chemical smell that many cleaners of this type do. 


Low in vapour and odour, the combination of cleaning agents have been carefully planned and mixed to ensure the solution is tough on those burnt and tough fats, whilst being as natural in ingredients as possible. Less harsh chemicals means less odour. 


As with all our solutions, our oven cleaner product is a soluble sachet that is easily dropped into water, shaken and ready to use.


Add your sachet to your own reusable bottle and simply drop, fill with 250ml warm water, shake, repeat. One bottle; zero waste

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