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Door Step Refillery

SALE Facial pore cleanser

SALE Facial pore cleanser

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Deeply Cleanses

Gently exfoliates skin

Nourishes & hydrates

Balances skin PH levels

Made from Konjac Fibre


The ultimate skincare routine game changer. A konjac sponge is the secret to seriously smooth skin.


The sponge is made from all natural Konjac root (a root vegetable that grows in Asia), they're a super gentle way to exfoliate dead or dry skin during your daily face wash. 



Soak in warm water until fully expanded

Use with or without cleanser

Start cleaning your face - work in circular massage like motions

Rinse the sponge, squeeze, and leave to air dry. 

Top tip: Konjac sponges harden when dry, so simply let them soak in the shower or sink for a minute to soften them up before using.


Care tip: Once a week, drop your Konjac sponge into a bowl of boiling water for a couple of minutes to sanitize it. 

Colour may vary

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