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Eco-Roast Medium Blend Coffee

 An intense, complex, yet beautifully balanced medium roast arabica blend, made using Rainforest Alliance coffees.

If you’re looking for a new coffee that you can drink all day, every day, this is the one. It’s our best seller and we know why. Give it a go and you’ll be hooked. In this coffee you’ll taste a wonderful medley of flavours from around the world; a beautiful blend of Rainforset Alliance coffee from Colombia, India, Vietnam, Brazil and El Salvador.

This coffee is a medium roast, beautifully balanced with hints of morello cherry, chocolate and nuts. It has a lovely medium acidity with a long smooth cocoa finish. Heaven.

Our bags are made of fully recyclable LDPE or Low-density Polyethylene which has the “Recyclable 4” symbol on it which can go in most recycling bins.  If your local council doesn’t take it, you’ll find dedicated recycling points at your local supermarket.


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